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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nevah Performing Again at Discover Channels's American Loggers Restaurant

Just a quick heads up …

Nevah, Maine's bluegrass / progressive newgrass band, is performing again at the Pellitier's Loggers Family Restaurant in Millinocket.

By special request, "the Pelletier's are sponsoring a truck pull in Millinocket and we were hoping that you and your bandmates might be interested in booking a gig with us for that night" on September 24th, 2011 - from 9pm to 1am.

Nevah said yes, having had a terrific experience last time in July. The crowd should be substantial as they expect several thousand folks for the Truck pull that day, and estimate a good percentage of the crowd will show up at Pellitier's for the evenings festivities.

Nevah Appearing Sept 24th At the Discovery Channel's - Pellitier's American Logger's Restaurant
So, please add it to your calendar. We hope to see you there. 

Nevah's Banjo Guy

p.s. More Nevah performance dates to be posted soon - keep checking back with us.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bangor Y Program List

On November 4th, 2011 - patrons of the Bangor Y and fans of Nevah,

… the Bangor Y is Sponsoring the Nevah Band in concert. All proceeds from the concert will benefit the Bangor Y. Nevah is honored to have the opportunity to perform for such a terrific institution and want to thank every one involved.

We realized most folks don't know about the wide variety of programs offered to the local youth by the Bangor Y. Therefore, in our own small way, to help support the Y, Nevah thought it would be a good idea to list some of the available activities/programs. The Bangor Y has offered many of these programs for years and the friends and family of Nevah have all participated in them.

The Nevah Band hopes you will join us at the Next Generation theater in Brewer Maine on November 4th 2011 and help us raise the roof (just a figure of speech) for the Bangor Y.

A few of the activities offered by the Bangor Y:
















Saturday, August 27, 2011

Maine Bluegrass Festivals, Let the fun begin

Hey there … , the sound man for Nevah. Or as I'm referred to by the band, "hey, can I get a little more vocals in the Monitor, please". I just wanted to send out a friendly word or two as I sit gazing at the rain splashing on the lake while watching the waves of Hurricane Irena trash my dock. During the storm I'm reminded of better days, such as the the time I've spent at Maine Festivals, especially Maine Bluegrass Festivals around the state. From sitting at Blistered Fingers, hearing authentic Maine Bluegrass Festival announcers and traditional Bluegrass bands, to listening to some of the more eclectic Maine Bluegrass bands, such as Nevah, who appeared at the Paul Bunyan Maine Bluegrass Festival.

Here is a partial list of the Maine bluegrass festivals I think you'll enjoy. The people are friendly, food is great, and after your first visit to just one you'll want to make the time to visit all of these Maine Bluegrass Festivals.

Saddleback Mountain Bluegrass Festival
Saddleback, Maine

American Folk Festival
Bangor, Maine

The County Bluegrass Festival
Fort Fairfield, Maine

Blistered Fingers Bluegrass Festival
Sidney, Maine

Ossipee Valley Bluegrass Festival
Cornish, ME

The County Bluegrass Festival
Fort Fairfield, Maine

Thomas Point Beach
Brunswick, Maine

While you are here visiting the great state of Maine and trying to attend all the Maine Bluegrass festivals, there are numerous other fairs and events you can stop at during your travels. It seems that in every small town there are people who gather for "A" fun festival, whether it be for Blueberries, Strawberries, Apple picking, Lobsters, Canoeing, a Bicentennial such as Eddington's recent event kicked off by Maine's own Nevah Bluegrass Band, a sprawling Antique Fair or huge Farming events, and that's just the tip of the festival iceberg.

Below is a short list of some of the 400 + great fairs and festivals in Maine.

          • Fort Fairfield, Maine: Can Am Crown Sled Dog Races (March)
          • Fort Fairfield, Maine: Maine Potato Blossom Festival (July)
          • Fort Fairfield, Maine: The County Bluegrass Festival (July)
          • Fort Kent, Maine: Mardi Gras (February)
          • Houlton, Maine: Houlton Agricultural Fair (July)
          • Houlton, Maine: Moosestompers (February)
          • Madawaska, Maine: Acadian Festival (June)
          • Madawaska, Maine: International Snowmobile Festival (February)
          • New Sweden, Maine: Midsommar Festival (June)
          • Presque Isle, Maine: Northern Maine Fair (July-August) Central Region of Maine
          • Athens, Maine: Athens Fair (August)
          • Augusta, Maine: The Whatever Family Festival (June-July)
          • Harmony, Maine: Harmony Fair (August-September)
          • Litchfield, Maine: Litchfield Fair (September)
          • New Portland, Maine: New Portland Lions Fair (September)
          • Pittston, Maine: Pittston Fair (July)
          • Sidney, Maine: Blistered Fingers Bluegrass Festival (June-August)
          • Skowhegan, Maine: Skowhegan State Fair (September)
          • Unity, Maine: Common Ground Fair (September)
          • Waterville, Maine: International Film Festival (July)
          • Windsor, Maine: Windsor Fair (September)

          • Bar Harbor, Maine: Arcady Summer Festival (July-August)
          • Bar Harbor, Maine: Native American Festival (July)
          • Bar Harbor, Maine: Warblers & Wildflower Festival (May)
          • Blue Hill, Maine: Blue Hill Fair (August-September)
          • Blue Hill, Maine: Downeast Antiques Fair (July)
          • Calais, Maine: International Homecoming Festival (July)
          • Deer Isle, Maine: Lupine Festival (June)
          • Deer Isle, Maine: Deer Isle Jazz Festival (July)
          • Eastport, Maine: The Maine Salmon Festival (September)
          • Machias, Maine: Wild Blueberry Festival (August)
          • Pemaquid, Maine: Lobster Boat Races (July-August)
          • Perry, Maine: Passamaquoddy Indian Days Celebration (August)

          • Bangor, Maine: Bangor State Fair (July-August)
          • Bangor, Maine: American Folk Festival (August)
          • Bangor, Maine: Maine Shakespeare Festival (July-August)
          • Clinton, Maine: Clinton Lions Fair (September)
          • Dover-Foxcroft, Maine: Piscataquis Valley Fair (August)
          • Greenville, Maine: International Sea Plane Fly-In (September)
          • Millinocket, Maine: Katahdin Winterfest (February)
          • Millinocket, Maine: The Wooden Canoe Festival (August)
          • Moosehead Lake, Maine: MooseMainea (May-June)
          • Rockwood, Maine: Moose River Canoe Race (May)
          • Belfast, Maine: Arts in the Park (July)
          • Boothbay Harbor, Maine: Fisherman's Festival (April)
          • Boothbay Harbor, Maine: Windjammer Days (June)
          • Brunswick, Maine: Thomas Pt. Beach Bluegrass Festival (August-Sept.)
          • Brunswick, Maine: Bowdoin International Music Festival (August)
          • Rockland, Maine: Maine Lobster Festival (August)
          • Rockland, Maine: North Atlantic Blues Festival (July)
          • Topsham, Maine: Topsham Fair (August)
          • Union, Maine: Union Fair (August)
          • Unity, Maine: Common Ground Fair (September)

          • Bridgton, Maine: Mushers Bowl (February)
          • Cornish, Maine: Cornish Fair (July)
          • Farmington, Maine: Farmington Fair (September)
          • Fryeburg, Maine: Fryeburg Fair (September-October)
          • Lewiston-Auburn, Maine: Festival de Joie (August)
          • Lewiston-Auburn, Maine: Great Falls Balloon Festival (August)
          • Lewiston-Auburn, Maine: Maine State Parade (May)
          • Monmouth, Maine: Monmouth Fair (July-August)
          • North Waterford, Maine: World's Fair (July)
          • Oxford, Maine: Oxford County Fair (September)
          • Lisbon Falls, Maine: Moxie Festival (September)
          • Rangeley, Maine: Snodeo (January)

          • Cumberland, Maine: Cumberland Fair (September)
          • Portland, Maine: MS Regatta Harborfest Weekend (August)
          • Portland, Maine: New Years Portland
          • Portland, Maine: Old Port Festival (June)
          • Portland, Maine: Portland Chamber Music Festival (August)
          • Yarmouth, Maine: Yarmouth Clam Festival (July)

          • Acton, Maine: Acton Fair (August)
          • Biddeford, Maine: La Kermesse (June)
          • Cornish, Maine: Cornish Fair (July)
          • Kennebunk-Kennebunkport, Maine: Christmas Prelude (December)
          • Old Orchard Beach, Maine: Beachfest (June)
          • Old Orchard Beach, Maine: Beach Olympics (August)
          • South Hiram, Maine: Ossipee Valley Fair (July)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bangor Y Benefit

Every now and then the Bangor Y partners with a group of individuals to bring a special performance for their patrons. On November 4th, 2011, the Bangor Y presents Nevah at the Next Generation Theater in Brewer Maine. All Proceeds from this concert will benefit the Bangor Y and all its community programs.

Nevah Band is a group of musicians who have had ties to the Bangor Y for decades. Some were Y rats when Bill Bennet and John Combs were the "names" running the Bangor Y.  Nevah bands children spent time developing social and physical skills in the many programs the Y offers, including summer camps, basketball teams, swim teams, family events and other activities.

Nevah Band members have been known to work out regularly in the Bangor Y fitness studio, lifting weights, riding stationary bikes, and running on the treadmills. Nevah Band thanks the Bangor Y for all they do for the community and are excited to have this opportunity to perform for the Bangor Y, giving all the proceeds of the concert to the Bangor Y for their programs that continue to make Bangor Maine a healthier community.

See you there …


Monday, August 22, 2011

NEVAH A Maine Bluegrass Band, Progressive in Nature with Blistered Fingers

Okay, being a Maine Bluegrass Band does have it's advantages. And I wasn't going to bring this up, however, the other day I was practicing several Nevah tunes so long and hard that I actually got two blistered fingers. I don't know if it was the constant repetition or the blistering pace at which I was playing that caused the blistered fingers, could have been. And then, (please bear with me on this one) it occurred to me, that the BLISTERED FINGERS 37th Family Bluegrass Music Festival is happening this coming weekend, and I realized that Nevah, as much and as hard as we practice probably won't get asked to play there, evah.

Why …

… because we are actually one of the only Progressive NewGrass bands in Maine and our instrumentation, our music selections and original pieces fall slightly outside the strict Maine Bluegrass genre required to appear at Blistered Fingers festivals.

Eric Brown's Congas and Snare

Phil Pitula's Bass

Oh well, that still won't stop us from practicing hard and fast, Nevah will just have to find other venues and/or hold our own performances in theaters so we can do our Nevah thing. Well, back to my metronome, got get faster, and more precise.

Nevah Rockin' Pelletiers Family Restaurant
Jack and Ed Driving sounds at Pelletiers

Hal the Nevah Banjo Guy - keeps a' practicin'

Nevah Banjo Guy

Nevah A Maine Bluegrass Band at the "Champion the Cure Challenge"

Nevah, the progressive Bluegrass-Newgrass band, played at the August 20th "Champion the Cure Challenge" this past Saturday. What a blast. I wish you'd all been there. However, if you weren't able to make it, here's a little taste of what happened.

While most of the expected crowds were out running, walking, motorcycling or biking to raise funds for this very worthy event, several bands along with Nevah, had the privilege of entertaining those who were waiting at the "journey's end" sheltered from the hot summer rays under a very large, beautiful white tent.

When we arrived at the Champion the Cure Challenge site we were allowed to park in the back, near the side entrance to the performance tent. And luckily for many of us who hadn't eaten there were ample drinks and amazing pizza available. Not to say that I had three or more slices, I'm not saying that, but if I'd wanted that many slices I could have had them. They were there (the slices), waiting for someone.

Nevah's name seen on the poster
at Champion the Cure Challenge

In the meantime, after bypassing the food area, I carried my banjo to the far side entrance of the tent. A couple of NEVAH band members, Jack Anderson and Phil Pitula were there already starting to organize and set up personal gear. Just inside the tent and off to the right of the mini-stage, the "Queen City Big Band" was midway through their final number. An amazing Big Band of very talented musicians, many of these folks are personal friends of the Nevah band.

Upon their final note and enthusiastic response from the crowd, Queen City packed up as the next music act "Jazz in Blue" set-up their instruments and got miked for the start of their set. Meanwhile this gave us ample time to get our instruments ready, tuned up with all necessary cords and gadgets used to keep the Nevah sound in check and allowed additional time for the rest of the group to arrive and set. Ed Russell, Larry LeBlanc and Eric Brown all appeared within a few moments of each other. We talked, looked at set lists and waited for our turn.

Jazz in Blue did a super job entertaining the crowd. Being a small group it only took them a couple of minutes to exit the stage area at which time Nevah took the spot. The stage was a bit crowded for our six member band (our seventh member, Richard had a prior engagement) but we managed to fit with just enough room so we wouldn't bump instruments. A special thanks to Brian Spencer of the Whoopy Kats who supplied and ran all the sound equipment. Brian had us plugged in and up in running in a matter of a few short minutes. Upon Phil's cue we started, and I must say from the response of the crowd during the show and the wonderful comments we received afterwards from spectators and the Whoopy Kat band members, Sara (vocals), Brian (bass) Chris (lead guitar) and Daniel (drums) that Nevah, the progressive NewGrass Band was a huge hit.

Nevah plugged into Whoppy Kats Sound System
at the
Champion the Cure Challenge

We ended our set, broke down as quick as possible and just as we were about to carry things to our cars  it began to rain, so we stayed under canvas and listened to the Whoppy Kats "Classic Rock" set. Very very cool. Terrific sound and they really got the crowd pumped up. Nice job.

When they finished the sun came out and it was time for us to go, I'd like to say we'll nevah have to perform at a "cancer" fund raiser again because the CURE has been discovered, but I think the ultimate solution is still a short way down the road. Therefore, I'm sure everyone from Nevah would be more then happy to return and play again to help raise funds for the next "Champion the Cure Challenge".

Take care,

The Nevah Banjo guy

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Faces of Bluegrass : A Nevah Band Video

We just wanted you to see some of the members of the Nevah Band,  Maine Progressive Newgrass band.

The Faces of Nevah

Phil Pitula on Bass & Vocals
Richard Silver on Mandolin & Vocals
Jack Anderson on Dobro and Pedal Steel & Vocals
Edward Russell on Flute, Sax and Kazoo & Vocals
Larry LeBlanc on Guitar & Vocals
Eric Brown on Percussion & Vocals
Hal Meyers on Banjo & Vocals

The Nevah Band,  Maine Progressive Newgrass Band with a Twist of Time

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bluegrass in Bangor Maine - Nevah say Nevah

Bluegrass bands in Maine are found in almost every nook and cranny of this great state. As many fans of Nevah, the progressive bluegrass Maine band can tell you, no matter what the size of the town, be it small to large, urban to rural, someone will be a-pickin' bluegrass, somewhere.

Below are some of the towns and cities where you're likely to find a few Bluegrass band playing at least once a week, maybe more:

Bangor, Portland, Augusta, Lewiston, Pittsfield, Newport, Houlton, Millinocket, Brownville, Yarmouth Ogunquit, Brunswick, Old Town, Eddington, Auburn, Kittery, Cumberland and Gorham to name a few of the Bluegrass in Maine Towns.

In each of these towns there are lovely grange halls, clubs, and Churches where bluegrass performers play year round. Fans of bluegrass music can find one or more terrific bluegrass performances just about every week, from one years June to the following years May. The Nevah Band is a big supporter of Bluegrass in Maine, the performers, the towns and clubs that keep this vital music alive.

So the next time you hear someone ask about Bluegrass in Maine, just tell them to ask around, there is bound to be a bluegrass band playing somewhere.

The Eddington/Clifton Comins Grange Hall
Bluegrass in Maine was alive and kickin' with Nevah last month.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nevah A Maine Bluegrass Band to perform at "Champion the Cure Challenge"

There is a wonderful article published in this weeks "Maine Edge" about the "Champion the Cure Challenge" cancer fundraising event. Besides running down the days schedule the article also mentions several bands appearing throughout the day for this coming Saturday (Aug 20th, 2011). There is a HUGE tent in place so the event happens RAIN or SHINE!

Ed Russel of Nevah, the BlueGrass / NewGrass band, plays this SAX!

Nevah the Maine Bluegrass / Progressive NewGrass band is prominently mentioned and will take the stage (we were told), somewhere around 1:30 pm (ish) and perform for approximately 45 minutes. Ed Russell's first hand experience with cancer directly touched each and every band members lives and we were delighted to be asked to perform to help raise money for such a worthy cause.

Taken from the "EDGE"

Aug. 20 event to raise funds for cancer research

By Anne Gabbianelli O'Reilly
edge contributor

"Up next is the band "NEVAH," which takes you back to the '70s and '80s with their tight harmonies and versatile musicians and instruments. And playing for the Cure has a special meaning, according to one particular member of the group. 
"We go through life thinking that cancer only happen to other people, other families. But eventually, we realize that everything happens in every family," said band member Ed Russell, who learned in 1981 that his 8-year-old daughter, Abby, had a brain tumor that resurfaced in 2001. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor himself in 2004.
"I remember asking doctors in Boston 30 years ago how an innocent child could get such a deadly disease. The answer was, 'Mr. Russell, we hope to know that someday, but right now we just try to use what we know to keep them alive,'" 
Russell said. "A cure for cancer was not a realistic goal. But 30 years later it is. With proper funding, cancer research can make cancer deaths as rare as polio and tuberculosis are today. We hope our music helps a little bit also." Recognizing heroes like Russell follows "NEAVAH" on stage in a well-deserved recognition of honorees.  
Nevah, the Progressive BlueGrass /  NewGrass Band

Please come by … it takes place onsite at the EMHS campus at Whiting Hill in Brewer
. (Across from Lowes and just past Walmart.
See you there around 1:30-ish (I'd get there a little earlier, say 1:00-ish to get a good seat.

Nevah Banjo Guy!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The BIg Bluegrass Question, Does Humor Belong in Music?

Nevah, a Maine Bluegrass Band, or might I say a Maine Progressive NewGrass Band believes that humor adds a tremendous amount to any live performance. Nevah is not a band of comedians, but they make their audiences laugh and smile throughout their concerts, and that truly helps everyone in attendance feel at home.

Ed from Nevah and his Washboard Tie
There are certainly some comical moments, such as Ed's playing of the Kazoo, or his strumming of the washboard tie, or Hal's trying to get his fingers snapping to set the beat of a tune. (It appears Hal practiced for three weeks to be able to keep time - he's getting closer).

Hal, Nevah's Banjo Guy trying to snap his fingers to a Nevah BlueGrass  / NewGrass Original tune.

And if you listen very carefully to some of the lyrics of a few tunes, original and those you've heard before, you might come across a humorous twist. And when you break out in an unexpected grin, you'll know your fancy has been tickled by the Men of Nevah … just doing their job.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo journalist makes a Nevah Band apearance

The Nevah Band is fortunate to have had their image captured by several well known photographers over the last few years at a few bluegrass festivals and various other events. During last weeks Old Town Outdoor Concert in the Park performance another well known Maine photographer was present to capture their candid images. Wanda Crosby, a critically acclaimed photographer from Passadumkeag Maine, came specifically to photograph Nevah in concert.

Nevah, a Maine Bluegrass / progressive Newgrass band on the steps of the Old Town Gazebo

Of course everyone knows that the Maine Bluegrass Band, Nevah, is purported to have some devilishly handsome bluegrass players (if we do say so ourselves). Some folks hinted that they may be the best looking progressive NewGrass band in the state, so to make them look good is a relatively easy task. Wanda, however, was able to capture the pure essence of these debonaire bluegrass musicians during their live performance.

From photos of their instruments to the amazing group shots, each has a precision only a few artists can achieve without the assistance of photoshop. Wanda, almost invisible to both the audience and performers alike, took shots from every conceivable angle. And yet, we never saw a flash go off throughout the performance.

Larry LeBlanc's Guitar waiting for the Nevah Progressive Newgrass Show to begin

Hal Nevah's Banjo Guy playing an all too familiar BlueGrass Chord

After seeing these photos Nevah truly hopes to work with Wanda Crosby again in the near future along with Mia Smith another award winning photographer.

What a night for Nevah to play outdoors in Old Town
(this was taken 15 minutes before clouds appeared and it began to rain soaking the band and instruments)

Maine Bluegrass - NEVAH BAND - OLD TOWN Gig Thank you!

Fans of NEVAH,

This just came in from the event organizer and I had to post it!

Thanks for a great concert last night!  The rain showers were unfortunate, but certainly didn’t take away from the crowd’s pleasure.  Hope we can have you back in Old Town very soon! 

My Regards to All,

P.S.  The donation jar (vase) was overflowing – the greatest amount we’ve gathered at a single concert! 

Nevah -  Maine's Progressive Newgrass Band

NevahBand Maine Bluegrass NewGrass at Old Town

Some one asked me how NEVAH - the Maine Bluegrass / progressive Newgrass band did yesterday at the OLD TOWN outdoor concert. And, as I was looking for "links" for the blog I found this below at the Maine Bluegrass Music Association site.

Title:NEVAH - Old Town, ME 
Details:Just a quick reminder that the NEVAH band will be playing outdoors at the Old Town GAZEBO this Thursday, August 11th - Showtime is: 6:30 to 8:00 pm Rain or Shine * See you all there … *If it is raining the location will be moved to the Knights of Columbus building and will take place as planned. We won't know that until we arrive. So if we're not at the Gazebo, you'll know where to find us. p.s. Bring your lawn chairs!  

Here's a quick rundown, probably more information then you need, but what the heck …

We arrived, most of us around 4:15/4:30 pm and found the area to be PERFECT for an outdoor concert. We chose to set-up in front of the huge gazebo to get us closer to the expected crowd, who hopefully would be occupying the expansive lawn that layout in front of us. Enough space to comfortably hold, I expect, about eight hundred people, with lawn chairs.

Nevah Bluegrass / Progressive Newgrass Band at Old Town

After a few minutes (42.5 minutes to be exact) unloading, unpacking, arranging and setting up speakers, mike and instrument stands, laying cables galore and power cords, we were ready for a vocal and instrument 
sound check. We had our sound man, Jay, on hand which really is a big help. It's very hard to hear the "real" band sound when you are situated behind your instruments and speakers. 
The crowd showed up (200 + strong), lawn chairs in hand, around 6:15 ish and at precisely 6:30 pm Nevah, the Maine progressive Newgrass Band began their first tune. We sang and played non-stop, performing a wide collection of tunes we've given the "Nevah" touch to, and a couple of Nevah original numbers to a wildly enthusiastic audience. Okay, maybe not exactly wildly, but they responded with a tremendous amount of yells, scream, whistles and clapping. We were asked not to take a break, as we've heard folks tend to get up and leave if the music stops even for an instant. 

Everything was perfect until Mother Nature in the 83rd minute decided she couldn't hold back her tears and gently let loose a tiny flood of droplets that scattered the assembled crowd and sent the Nevah Band members on a frantic mission to get all the equipment undercover before it was soaked.

As we dried things off and packed our gear the organizer of the Old Town event came over and told us the crowd loved the band and said it was the highlight of the 2011 outdoor season, and we would certainly be asked to play again.

It really was fun … can't wait to return.

The Nevah Banjo guy

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Maine Bluegrass Band Nevah Invited to Party after Old town

Hey Folks,

The guys of the Nevah Bluegrass, a progressive NewGrass band, has been invited to jam with Bill Thibodeau and Jeremy S after our Old Town Gazebo gig at the St. Charles Inn, in Bangor Maine.

"Hey Guys of Nevah,  Stop by the Charles after your gig in Old Town and set in with The Main Street 2 Bill T and Jeremy S from Main Street Music Studios will be there performing - 8:30 to Midnight."

Maine Bluegrass Band - Nevah not Neva

It is time to clear up a misconception pertaining to the name of a local Bangor Maine Band. Nevah Band is a local Maine band that enetertains throughout New England, and for the past 6 years they have performed a crossover  bluegrass styling with 5 part vocal harmonies. Nevah's crossover bluegrass is quickly becoming a favorite in the Bangor Maine area.

As the Band grows in popularity we are finding that many fans are following Nevah's blog and have been misspelling our name. I am here to clear it up once and for all. It is Nevah not Neva. Again, it is Nevah with an H not Neva. The history of the name has been documented earlier in the blog, so there is no need to go into that.

The NEVAH Band not Neva Band

I know, I know, I'm probably preaching to the choir because if you are reading this you know the correct spelling. So please tell everyone about us, and so they don't misspell the name, if they spell never with a Maine accent, (ah) you have the correct spelling. Neva without the H just makes it a crossover bluegrass band from anywhere USA.

And we ain't from anywhere, we're from right he-ah!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maine Bluegrass - NEVAH BAND Style - in OLD TOWN

Dear NEVAH fans,

Just a quick reminder that the NEVAH band will be playing outdoors at the Old Town GAZEBO this Thursday, August 11th - 

Showtime is: 6:30 to 8:00 pm

Rain or Shine *

See you all there …


*If it is raining the location will be moved to the Knights of Columbus building and will take place as planned. We won't know that until we arrive. So if we're not at the Gazebo, you'll know where to find us.

p.s. Bring your lawn chairs!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Nevah a Bangor Maine Bluegrass Band

The closest "big Town" town of the Nevah Band, a very unique bluegrass band, is the "Queen City" Bangor Maine.  The City of Bangor, in the heart of Maine, is truly the best of both worlds: a friendly city         filled with excitement, opportunity and activity, and a gateway to the natural beauty of this great state.

Bluegrass music has been a part of Bangor for many years and one of the Nevah Band members was instrumental in organizing and hosting the Paul Bunyan Bluegrass Festival that was held for five years in a row at the Paul Bunyan campground in Bangor Maine. The Logo for the Festival was the very famous statue in downtown Bangor Maine, that of Paul Bunyan. The Statue was photographed and transformed specifically for the event … take a look at the statue image below and then look at the next photo.

Nevah Maine bluegras band
The Nevah Band Played at most of the Paul Bunyan BG Festivals
Paul Bunyan, Lumber and Banjo player extraordinaire 
Maine is the Vacation State, even says so on our license plates and Bangor is the heart of that fun. From Bangor you have direct and easy access to Maines north woods, many State fairs (too many to count) and a host of lakes ponds, streams and other adventures.

We hope all of Nevah Bands fans from outside the State of Maine will take the opportunity to travel to Bangor Maine, and while your there check out the bluegrass band that makes your feet twitch and your face smile.

Nevah a Maine bluegrass band based in Bangor Maine - hope to see ya soon!