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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Some Guys from NEVAH were HEaRD at 4 Pts BBQ Fundraiser

Just wanted to share this with my f - ah - riends …

Last night a few "Guys from NEVAH" … not to be confused with NEVAH … I called us HEaRD - as in wanna be - (Hal, Ed, Richard, Dick) … performed at the 4 Points BBQ Fundraiser in Winterport for the folks in Oklahoma impacted by this past weeks devastating tornados.

Hal, Dick (in the bk grnd) Richard and Ed
It was a blast (a tad damp, but that didn't impact us in the least) … rockin' Mandolin, smokin' Flute & Penny Whistle, flamin' Drums, a banjo - some sweet vocals - a wide variety of cool tunes. 

… and a very special thank you goes out to Karen (Kadee) Reynolds for additional vocal harmonies, tambourine, and other instruments of fun.

We also want to thank John from 4 Pts BBQ for holding the fundraiser and having us join the long list of tremendous musicians who played from noon until 10 pm.

4 Pts BBQ Poster for Oklahoma Tornado Relief
- designed by Ann Correia -
… and I might add that NEVAH looks forward to our July 28th appearance at 4 points barbecue - hope to you all there!

And by the way, I met a new friend, an amazing graphic artist - who designs the posters and T's for 4 points and creates unbelievable visual art for other ventures as well … Ann Correia of Correia Creative.

4 Pts BBQ COncert Series 2013
- designed by Ann Correia - 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mastering our First

It is hard to believe that on Sunday, which is tomorrow, we will be back in the studio having our first CD mastered.  We are extremely excited to have Eric Ferguson, yes the "Eric Ferguson" mastering our 6 original song offering.  Thinking back on the past year of work, time, and effort we all have put into this, one can't help but wonder how it all came to this point.  Wonder no more as it all boils down to practice, practice, practice, the definitive answer to the tourists question to the grizzled New Yorker "how do you get to Carnegie Hall?"  NEVAH has been blessed to have Andrew Clifford from Main Street Music Studios as our recording engineer along with the help of his intern Josh Meyers, who happens to be our banjo player's son, lend their expertise and "young ears" to help edit and polish our original material.  To that point a funny thing happened on the way to this end in the studio when our Bass player, me, mentioned to Andrew that I thought we had left out a shaker percussive track on "I Lean Left, You Lean Right."  So Andrew quickly cues up that song and plays it and both he and Josh look at me quizzically and say 'THE SHAKER IS THERE."  I turn to our flute player, Ed, and ask him "do you hear it?" A big grin comes across his face and he says "no I don't."  As good engineers do, to placate the artists, they kept increasing the volume on that track until we could hear it.  Well, lo and behold it was apparent that our 60 year old ears had lost some of that "high end" range that our younger cohorts still have.  Thankfully they were quick to point out to us that the VU meters were pegging out, needless to say we deferred to their judgement on the shaker level.  This truly has been a labor of "love of music" and we can only hope that the recording catches the essence of what makes "NEVAH NEVAH," fun, fun, fun, and most of all not taking ourselves too seriously.  Stay tuned for our long anticipated "CD RELEASE PARTY" date in response to the many requests we have had from people at our performances when asked "do you have any CD's for sale?" to which we always responded tongue in cheek "we have some Beach Boys, Barry Manilow, CSN&Y in our cars if you want to wait a second."

Sunday, May 5, 2013

NEVAH Waiting to Play The AHA Heart Ball

Less than 24 Hours ago NEVAH was at the American Heart Association 14th Annual Northern Maine Heart Ball … waiting to perform.

Here's a "group" shot including our sound guy "Josh" - about 45 minutes before taking the stage.

LtoR - Josh (Sound Dude)-Phil-Dick-Jack-Hal-Eric-Ed-Larry-Richard
The NEVAH Band