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Meet the Band

Richard Silver - Another Winterport Nevah band member, originally from Rhode Island, arrived in Waldo County in 1982. He played classical piano at age 7, stopping when it interfered with baseball at age 12, to his parents dismay. At 14, his sister began guitar lessons, Richard borrowed her guitar when she wasn’t around and played songs by ear he heard on records, learning folk and early rock on the guitar.  At 16, he discovered the Grateful Dead which became a profound musical influence.  That led to country rock and bluegrass/newgrass interests. In 1976, a friend at a yard sale found an old Gibson A4 mandolin with no strings or bridge and a cracked neck for $10, bought it and gave it to Richard. After repairing it, Richard played contra dances and bluegrass. He’s still at it, 35 years later, with the same A4.  Richard has been accused of playing rock and roll mandolin. (He admits it). His biggest musical influence nowadays are the Kruger Brothers, masters of acoustic American music. Richard practices law with fellow band member Ed Russell, there’s a sign in their office that says, “musicians offering a comprehensive approach to your legal needs”. Richard is grateful his wife lets him do this Nevah stuff! Richard plays mandolin, sings and harmonizes.

Ed Russell - Ed is a genuine local, born and raised in Bangor, moving to Winterport in 1973. He got his lifetime love of music from Father Bob Russell (Bangor’s most enthusiastic music lover for over 60 years). Bob got the young man a saxophone and taught him the jazz standards songbook. Later came garage band/road trip vocals and song/lyric writing predating Weird Al by many years. Even now, “The Ballad of Karen Anne Quinlan” is not fit for public performance. Influences: Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Brian Wilson, Frank Zappa and Duke Ellington, who all taught that humor does belong in music, especially when combined with respectful musicianship. Ed lives in Winterport with his lovely wife Carolyn, who continues to support Ed’s musical passion after 32 years of blissful marriage. His day job is as law partner at Russell & Silver, P.A. with Nevah’s mandolin player, Richard Silver. Ed plays flute, sax, whistles, silly percussion, sings and harmonizes.

Hal Meyers - Hal had two passions as a “kid” from New Jersey; one, sleight of hand magic and two, acoustic music. Hal was drawn to the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, Harry Chapin, Don McClean, the Beatles, CSNY and especially Pete Seeger. He taught himself a finger picking style of guitar and sang lot’s of tunes. He practiced both magic and guitar night and day for years. In college magic took a short hiatus and guitar came to the forefront along with a newly acquired instrument, the banjo. He was hooked, but wasn’t in to “bluegrass” so had a hard time finding the “right” stuff to play. Upon graduating from college he toured the globe for over 20 years performing, “MAGIC” in shows and reviews. In 2003 he moved to Maine where he met the “Men o’ Nevah” and they let him sit in on a few jam sessions, then asked if he’d like to play with the group. It took two seconds to respond. Hal plays banjo, sings and attempts to harmonize.

Phillip G. Pitula - A product of New Jersey where music was the backbeat of the city, gave Phil a deep appreciation for all musical genres.  Music performed well, with passion, is good music.  Phil started playing in 1963, and with his parents support found a passion he would stick with all of his life. "NEVAH" allows Phil to express his deep love for all musical styles from Country, to Bluegrass, to Swing, Gospel, and all things in between, built upon one common thread, vocal harmonies.  Phil has played for "The House of Lords" and the original "Genesis" both New Jersey based bands.  Since moving to Maine in 1970 to attend the University of Maine at Orono Phil has played with "Trapper Brown", "The Amazing Hot Wax", "Some Assembly Required", "Rockin James", "Sista Sadie", and "The Blood Orange Martinis" a blues group that he splits his time with currently. Phil resides in Winterport with his lovely wife Kimberly who continues to support Phils musical passion after 32 years of marriage. Phil plays bass, sings and harmonizes.

Larry LeBlanc - born at a very young age, he can’t remember when he wasn’t into music. He started by listening to early/mid 60’s AM radio which featured singers like Peggy Lee and Frank Sinatra alongside American rock n' roll and British invasion bands. He also listened to his parents’ country music, Roger Miller being a particular favorite. He started playing accordion at the age of eight at a time when the accordion was decidedly unhip, but was too young and clueless to know that!  At 15 an aunt innocently bought him the album "Otis Redding/Jimmy Hendrix Experience Live at the Monterey Pop Festival". His mind sufficiently blown, he took up guitar.  A love of acoustic guitar and folk music caused Larry to fall hard for bluegrass in the mid 70’s where he stayed for many years, oblivious to contemporary musical trends. He’s mellowed somewhat but still excitedly pursues archaic sounds in American music while cultivating an air of rustic chic. He’s played in bands over the past thirty years throughout New England, mostly favoring guitar, mandolin and dobro. However, late at night, he has been known to strap on the squeezebox and relive the melodious strains of his youth. Larry plays lead and rhythm guitar, sings and harmonizes.

Eric Brown "The Doctor" Drums Congas percussion

 Jack Anderson, Guitar Dobro Pedal Steel Vocals

Dick Knipping - Another longterm Winterport resident, originally from New Jersey, who got his start beating on his mother's pots and pans with a wooden spoon until the age of six when he got his kiddie drum set. On his eighth birthday he got his first full size drum kit and started taking lessons. As a freshman in high school he got his first gig playing locally which led to his joining a Philly band "Central Park" who was managed by the prestigious Rothbard Agency. He played society gigs and years of shows with comedians and singers up and down the east coast. Dick came to Maine in 1970 and met Mark "the Bird" Swan and started playing with the band One Last Swing. In 1984 he met Phil Pitula and joined the Amazing Hot Wax Band which later became Rockin James. This group of musicians years later became the "Sista Sadie Band" and Dick splits his time with them and NEVAH. Over the years Dick has played with local notables Mark Miller, Bill Chinook, Blind Albert, Derrick Semler, Big Daddy and the Accelerators, Don Brewer Blues Project, Bad Daddys, Dave Wooley, and Sweet Northern Blues.

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