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Saturday, March 26, 2016


NEVAH is … again … appearing at the NEXT Generation Theatre on April 16th, 2016 … believe it or not, this is their 5th appearance in as many years … and with the unpredictably crazy weather Maine's been having lately it truly is “a Cabin Fevah Relievah". 

NEVAH brings an eclectic mix of instrumentation and tunes, some familiar, some original, that can’t be labeled in any particular genre … and therefore they created their own term to describe the NEVAH sound, “prograssabilly” music. Besides the multi-part harmonies and sweet arrangements … you will laugh, cry, sing along - drink beer and wine, eat home made chocolate chip cookies (baked at the Next Generation Theatre) … want to scream out loud, “enough already” (but please don’t) - a guaranteed evening of funtastic entertainment.

NEVAH is: Phil Pitula on Bass, Richard Silver on Mandolin, Ed Russell on Sax and Flute, Larry LeBlanc on Guitar, Eric Brown on Percussion, Jack Anderson on Pedal Steel, Hal Meyers on Banjo – and everyone on vocals … we are anchored by our eighth member the amazing Sound Engineer Mark Shane.

The show starts at 7:00 pm and ends with the last note… (9:00 pm-ish for those that really need to know). 

Ticket prices are still only $10.00. For further information and to purchase tickets in advance – highly recommended – (seating is limited) … please call: 207-989-7100. You can also visit NEVAH on Facebook or for any updates.

Lots of music, fun, laughter … be there, or be there … in any case … be there!

The NEVAH Band at the NEXT Generation Theatre in Brewer Maine