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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Relief in the Cabin

Howdy to you folks out here in blogville.  I'm sitting here thinking about the most recent show we did in Brewer, which we billed as a Cabin Fevah Relievah.  This is Larry (guitar guy) by the way.  In spite of the fact that it had been a little while since we dusted off the old sound system, things pretty much went off without a hitch.  That is, until Phil's guitar cord made such a noise that we thought the entire place had been engulfed in a magnetic field.  Phil said it was his defibrillator, or was it his defibillator, or his fundibulator....We had a great crowd, a full room which we appreciate, and really a wonderful time.

We're always trying to recreate the sound and the feeling we get when we play in Phil's living room, which doesn't always happen.  But surrounded by friends and family, and a few new fans, I think we came pretty close.  A number of songs new to the Nevah repertoire made their debut at this show.  Ed's "A Rare But Serious Side Effect" (replete with an extended reading of possible side effects by Ed) and Phil's "Hometown Open Road" (probably the most rock-oriented song we play now) and Jack's "semi-classical" (truck that is) tune "Semi (Drive, Drive, Drive)" were real highlights of the evening.  "Road Less Travelled" another of Phil's originals featured Hal on "pianjo" - more of a hybrid "style" than a hybrid instrument!  There is truly only one Hal in this world!  Another tune new to the band - "Moonlight and Music" which came to us by way of the Persuasions, featured acapella singing and a tip of the hat to another great musical tradition, Doo Wop.  We in Nevah are true music lovers and try to pay tribute to all of the great musical styles we have heard and have been moved by over the years.  A special moment was when Phil called up his brother Peter to sing "Moonlight and Music" with us.

So gang, that's all the news until the next time we mount the horse and take another trip around the musical carousel.  Stay tuned - we try to make each show different, and we have lots of ideas we have to get through!