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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Hey friends and fans of NEVAH …

A lot of you have seen us perform live and I know you’ve seen my Stelling Sunflower Banjo with the shiny Jet Black Banjo head. Not your standard/typical banjo look, but kinda fits my on-stage persona. I’m trying for the older bald guy who wears a lot of black, cowboy boots and requires reading glasses to see the frets … a persona I think I’ve achieved.

NEVAH at Macy's
Note (on left) my "Older Bald Guy wearing Black Look" with my Stelling Banjo sporting the Kavnajo
"Black Diplomat" ® banjo head system
… well …

I just found out that my picture (along with another band member - can you guess who) has been included in the home page, along with some amazing “notable musicians”. site with Hal and another NEVAH band member - we're amongst GREAT company
Turns out I asked for and received the first Jet Black Kavanjo Banho head, now called a “Black Diplomat” ®. This banjo head with a hand wound patented hum bucking pickup system allows me to quickly and easily “plug in” and amplify my banjo whilst playing music, especially with NEVAH … and it works seamlessly with my Line6=G30 wireless rig too.

I posted several images of the banjo and of me using it, and even wrote a few articles/blogs for my site.

Would anyone like to take a closer look at my new Kavanjo Banjo Head?
Yesterday I contacted John Kavanaugh - the inventor and manufacturer of the Kavanjo Banjo Head system to tell him I was going to show it around at the upcoming Kruger Brother academy in North Carolina. John then informed me that my picture was on his site … oh yeah.

Definitely check out when you get a chance …