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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Home Stretch

It is amazing to me how time flies when you are working on something that is a "labor of love" and it is  very satisfying to see that finish line coming into view.  NEVAH'S first CD is now mastered and we are working on the art work for the cover and insert and looking for a Maine company to reproduce it for us.  We would like to thank Eric Ferguson for the great work he did in Mastering our CD.  It was great fun watching him perform his magic, exchanging ideas about sound, and having an experienced set of ears listening to our material and bringing out the sound we were looking for.  Of course a lot of the credit for the recording can be placed in lap of Andrew Clifford who was able to capture the "inane antics" of NEVAH and successfully translate that to the CD as our recording engineer.

While I am updating you about our recording journey I would also like to let you know about our upcoming performances.  On June 28th we have the privilege of entertaining the next graduating class of interns from Eastern Maine Medical Center.  Our own Doc Brown, percussionist by night doctor by day and night, happens to be the interns instructor and they love seeing him in a different light.  July 20th we travel to St. Albans to help them celebrate during St. Albans Days.  On July 28th we are excited to be part of the "Lawn Chair Summer Concert Series" at 4 Points BBQ & Blueshouse.  For 4 of us this is a hometown concert and a chance to feast on some great food and drink with our friends and neighbors.  Then on August 1st we hit the road to Greenville to be part of their summer Gazebo Concert Series.  If you have never been there you do not know what you are missing as I like to say it is one of the most spectacular views in the world.

No matter what you plan for the summer make sure you get out and support all of the multiple musical offerings our great State has to offer and enjoy the sounds of the vast number of great local musicians who play for the "Pure Joy" of entertaining.  Stayed "tuned" for upcoming news about our CD Release Party.  Until next time, Phil the bass man.