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Friday, November 29, 2013

4 POINTS BBQ Features Hal the NEVAH Banjo Guy

Hey NEVAH friends and fans … 

Just to let you know … DEC 1 - This SUNDAY … I'll be appearing at the 4Points Barbecue in Winterport (Maine that is – for all my friends and NEVAH Fans who would love to come but live "hours" away).

I'm performing a "solo" banjo/guitar music thingy … but and however, singing along with/joining in on your favorite tunes, or ones you simply like a little, is appreciated and encouraged. And … if there are a few folks who play guitar or banjo, or whatever – and want to jump in or pick up a vacant instrument well, that's encouraged too. 

Hal - NEVAH Banjo Guy at 4 Points BBQ - Sunday Dec. 1
Hopefully some of my fellow NEVAH-ites will be in attendance and not to stuffed from Thanksgiving to join me on a song or two, who knows. 

The music starts at 5:30 and ends at 8:30 … so come by the 4Points BBQ … get some amazing food and drink and have a fun evening of music + …


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

NEVAH at MACY's for Mike and Mike's "Fill the Truck"

Hey there friends and fans of NEVAH

… Had a terrific gig last night at Macy's Court in the Bangor Mall … helping to bring awareness to Mike and Mike's "Fill the Truck Event" - Gathering non-perishable food to be distributed by Manna Ministries.

And … we received this last night …


Thank you for giving your time and talent tonight. I wish I could have heard your entire set but what I did hear was excellent. The mix was perfect and you played at just the right volume for the occasion and venue. I could tell that everyone present really enjoyed it and I hope you made some new fans in the process. I took a few photos which I’ll go through and put up on the old Mike and Mike Facebook page It’s set as a ‘public’ page so they should be viewable to all.

Thanks again for helping to spread the word on the first day of the food drive. The response was good – for a Monday. Tomorrow will be our busiest day. We get to wake up in a few hours and do it again!

I look forward to seeing you at Next Generation Theatre in January.


NEVAH at Macy's
Oh … and a very special thank you to the Bangor Mall staff for all their assistance which allowed us to load in and out and set up quickly and efficiently.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


To our extended NEVAH family …

This Monday November 25th - NEVAH is performing at the MACY's Court - located in the BANGOR MALL to support Mike and Mike's "FILL the TRUCK Event" …

… they are collecting food for Manna Ministries with a goal of providing for 6500 families in Maine.

NEVAH will be performing inside at the Macy's court in the Bangor Mall … from 5:30 to 7:00 PM …

So please come join us, and bring a can of food (non-perishable foods) to help fill the truck.

See ya Monday …

the guys of NEVAH


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

FREE NEVAH Concert at Bangor Mall for Mike And Mike Food Drive

Hey, NEVAH Friends and Fans … a quickie announcement … 

Our really good friend Mike Dow, of Mike and Mike fame … has … along with his long time radio announcer buddy Mike Elliot … collected tons of food (literally) for the Manna Ministries Food Drive over the last 14 years.

This is their 15th ANNUAL FOOD DRIVE - titled "Mike and Mike's Fill The Truck," serving the elderly, homeless, under-employed, jobless, single parents, individuals and families having a rough time.

This year they will be in 2 locations collecting canned goods Nov. 22-24 at the Ellsworth Hannaford and Nov. 25-27 at the Bangor Mall parking lot.

And I am pleased to announce that NEVAH will be joining Mike and Mike on November 25th … providing a FREE Concert at the Bangor Mall … inside at the Macy's Court (yes, inside). The concert will start around 5:30 and should end near 7:00 pm.

We hope to see you at the concert to help support this wonder event, and please bring some canned goods to be dropped off at Mike and Mike's TRUCK outside in the BANGOR MALL Parking Lot.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

The MAINE EDGE has NEVAH CD Review by Mike Dow

Wow … NEVAH's GOOD friend Mike Dow … local radio personality extraordinaire, DJ, Entertainer, Writer, doer of really nice things for others {like his 15th annual food drive for Manna beginning three weeks from today! At the same spot (behind Bangor Mall) collecting non-perishable food. Mon-Wed - November 25th, 26th and 27th} … and all around great guy … wrote a wonderful review of our new - NEVAH CD - 

You can read it on-line at the link below, or you can pick up a copy of this months "the MAINE EDGE" newspaper … found all over the Bangor area. It's on page 6. 

There was a lot of information that I didn't know about the band - go figure.

Again … thank you Mike Dow …