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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Fans of NEVAH … as promised I wanted to get another video up from our Cabin Fevah Relivah 2 show held at the Next Generation Theatre in Brewer Maine … this past January.

Therefore I've chosen to post my original song, I Lean Left You Lean Right  - the guys in NEVAH do a terrific job with this tune especially since I've included a key change, a "round" and an a-capella section.

So enjoy …

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Another NEVAH Original Song - Phil Pitula's "THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED"

As promised … here is another NEVAH original by our own Phil Pitula … It's called, "THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED" - © 2011.

I love the heavy syncopated beat. A real "drivin" prograssabilly song. No pun intended and probably none inferred.

I'm sure you'll enjoy it …

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So many choices … what to do, what to do …

Have a terrific weekend …

The NEVAH banjo guy

Thursday, February 21, 2013

NEVAH Performs Ed Russell's "SLOW DOWN SUPERMAN"

Ahhhhh … I hit the video editing suite a running this evening … 

Here we are, NEVAH, performing Ed Russells original song: Slow Down Superman © 2011 … at our Cabin Fevah Relievah 2 Concert at the Next Generation Theatre in Brewer Maine

Prograssabilly music the way we like it … prograssib

and again … you can also watch it at our you tube site by clicking here … right here, or here!

I'll try to post two more songs from the concert tomorrow … can anyone guess what songs they might be?

In the meantime enjoy Ed's "Slow Down Superman"

The NEVAH Banjo Guy

NEVAH Main'e Prograssabilly band sings Paul Simon's - "Gone At Last"

I've got a lot of NEVAH stuff to post tonight - a couple of videos, some photos of our "edit session" + more … So please scroll through the site.

In the meantime here's another number from our Cabin Fevah Relievah 2 held at the Next Generation Theatre in Brewer Maine. 
"Gone At Last" by Paul Simon.

Again you can watch it here …

if you prefer, please visit our nevah facebook or click here to go to our you tube pages.

More stuff coming up …

The NEVAH Banjo Guy

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Back to the Studio - NEVAH Mixin'

We are all quite excited to head back into the Main Street Music Studios to start the mix down and editing of our first CD.  As you can imagine with 8 people in the band ideas abound as to how this should sound, especially when considering the diverse musical genres we love and which vary greatly from one member to the next.  The two things we all agree on is that the vocals need to be out front and when someone is playing a solo there needs to be volume separation from the rest of the instruments, after that it truly becomes a matter of personal taste.

Phil, Andy and Ed at the "board" in Main Street Music Studios Bangor Maine
Here is where it gets really interesting as you have Ed, a big band lover, think Duke Ellington, Richard, a contra dance aficionado, Hal, a folk/Broadway Musical devotee, Larry, a gypsy/swing admirer, Dick, a rock ala Rolling Stones fan, Jack, a country rock/western swing proponent, Dr. Eric, a Grateful Dead jam band follower, and lastly Phil, a Do-Wop/R&B enthusiast, hence the possible dilemma becomes apparent, yet as NEVAH always does "we can work it out." or is it as the song continues
"gotta see it my way?"

Richard, Phil and Andy at Main Street Music Studios Bangor Maine
However it ends up you know we will put our heart and soul into it, have a good time, and not take ourselves too seriously.  So until next time "Stayed Tuned"

Ed and Andy watching the board
Not  "Hal the Banjo Guy" but "Phil the Bass Guy"

Hal Filming the NEVAH Edit at Main Street Music Studios - Bangor Maine

Monday, February 11, 2013

A NEVAH Band Fan sings "LAST BUS to Bangor"

Maine's Prograssabilly Band - NEVAH has some terrific fans and we just received this video from John and Jenna … a huge thank you!

If you are having any trouble viewing this video here, please visit our: NEVAH You Tube site by clicking on these Words.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

NEVAH Maine's Prograssabilly Band Performs - LAST BUS to BANGOR

As promised, a NEVAH Original written by our own Lawrence LeBlanc … LAST BUS TO BANGOR – © 2011 - as performed by NEVAH January 26th, 2013 at their "Cabin Fevah Relievah 2" at the Next Generation Theatre in Brewer Maine.

If you are having trouble seeing the video here please click on the words in blue which will take you directly to NEVAH's You Tube site at this link

Maine's Prograssabilly Band NEVAH - New Poster

NEVAH Fans, friends, family … o, and band members,

 … last week I created a NEW poster for NEVAH and wanted to get some feed back …

Here is the old poster …

And here is the NEW poster …

Which one do you like best … please email to

Thanks …

The NEVAH Banjo Guy

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


As promised I am posting longer versions of many of the songs NEVAH performed at their CABIN FEVAH RELIVAH 2 – SOLD OUT – show at the Next Generation Theatre January 26th - 2013.

I hope your enjoy our arrangement of … MOLE in THE GROUND

If for some reason you are not able to view the above video clip click on this direct you tube link

Band Dynamics - The NEVAH Show - Day of Set-up

Well NEVAH Prograssabilly Music Fans … I have two more BAND DYNAMICS in mind after this one … but you'll have to wait a couple of days in between NEVAH LIVE PERFORMANCE VIDEO POSTS of the CABIN FEVAH RELIEVAH SHOW that will be coming at a rapid pace.

I want to quickly go over the day of the show set-up at the Next Generation Theatre in Brewer Maine. The show was to begin at 7:30 PM - we arranged to have all the band members arrive at 4:00 pm. Luckily we'd rehearsed our sound set-up a week earlier, set levels and discussed the most efficient way to get all the equipment in and everything set in place. Three and a half hours may seem like a long time, but it's not when you have to handle instruments and vocals for seven musicians.

NEVAH Setting Up at the Next Generation Theatre
Our Banner was hung near the wall at the rear of the stage as the drums and Steel Guitar were put in place. This was followed with Speakers, Subwoofers and monitors being set out. Cables run, Mic stands positioned, everything plugged in and run to the snake … then personal instruments and amps.

Richard running cable, Jack setting the Steel Guitar
Ahhh … the Black Kavanjo Banjo Head sitting next to Hal's Martin D-42
Jack's Pedal Steel on his raised platform
Phil's Bass and Dick's Drum set up. Ed's Sax, Flute and "extras" are ready to go!
Larry's Guitar, Banjo and Fishman Amp
All cables were run to the snake which went to the board at the back of the room. Josh, our sound man for this gig (and my son) helped set everything up in record time.

Josh helping Richard get the Mic's ready
Left to Right: Jack, Hal, Richard, Ed and Larry getting ready for sound check.
Phil at the board getting things in order.
Phil's Bass and Hal's Banjo both run through Line 6 Wireless Systems.
We ran through a couple of tunes for "balance" and then took a break before the show. Greeting our guests as they arrived.

The complete NEVAH Stage Set-up for the Cabin Fevah Relievah 2
All the pre-show work, rehearsals, discussions, planning paid off in a big way and we were able to have a few minutes to breath before the show. Very cool!

The Nevah Banjo Guy

Saturday, February 2, 2013

NEVAH's Cabin Fevah 2 - A 5 Minute Taste

Hey there Fans of NEVAH … Maine's Progressive Newgrass Band or to be more accurate … Maine's Prograssabilly band. I am so pleased to be able to show all of you, who weren't able to get to the show, a brief five minute video with a taste of the ENTIRE show (sans a couple of pieces that were not videoed by accident).

This was a SOLD OUT performance. I mean packed … we could barely get to the stage to start the show. We had to introduce ourselves and apologize for stepping on feet as we made our way to the front of the room.

And, before you watch the video I want to send out a HUGE thanks to ADRIA who has taped us almost every time we've played the Next Generation Theatre in Brewer Maine

This will be a simple video taste of the show. In the next couple of days I will continue my band dynamics series with: Day of the show set-up - The Show - Watching The Show Video & Learning from it - Working Towards The Future.

Enjoy the Video …

For those of you having trouble viewing this video please try this youtube link: