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Monday, January 30, 2012

NEVAH January 2012 Newsletter


Thank you once again … the January NEVAH 2012 NEVAH Newsletter is here!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Just a quick reminder that NEVAH is in concert tomorrow …

See you there …


Comments overheard pertaining to Mike Dow's NEVAH Article

Leave it up to Ed Russell our on the ball NEVAH lead Vocal, Sax and Flute guy to overhear important and pertinent comments pertaining to Mike Dow's recent Maine Edge NEVAH Article (that's Mike Dow of Mike and Mike from Kiss 94.5). 

Ed thought he'd share some of the comments he heard with Mike, and Mike was kind enough to pass these comments along to the rest of the band. So, we thought we'd share them with you, the fans of NEVAH.

Way to stay on top of things Ed …

Some feed back on your article:

“ If Dow likes’em  they must be ok”

“I don’t know from music, it’s all the same since ABBA broke up, so I just do whatever Mike Dow says in that arena. I pay a lot of very smart people from a lot very expensive institutions. My people tell me he is a ‘tastemaker’ and that I’m safe with him.”

“Like, life is so dangerous, ya know. We could go any minute with cancer or something. That’s why I don’t gamble with my music. For me and my crew, it’s Mike
Dow, stone genius”

“ Not so much Carrie or Salem’s Lot , but a lot of the more recent stories are based on ideas originally inspired by a real  guy who just called himself ‘Mike Dow’, a local celebrity sort of like a cross between Hunter Thompson  and  Eddie Driscoll. He did this radio show for years where he pretended he was two guys named Mike, called it Mike & Mike, but you never saw the other guy, like in the Parent Trap with Hayley Mills or the Patty Duke show. He was amazing and way ahead of his time.”  

“His hand is on the pulse of this city, like a young Richard Chamberlain George Clooney on ER ”

“His hand bestows the touch of the Almighty on all it graces”

“I don’t know where his hand is, but Mike Dow just makes me feel better (about my musical choices).”

“Let me break it down for you, muttonhead. In this town, Dow can make or break a band, it’s that simple. Now come on back inside and we’ll find a safe place for you to get the help you need. ”

“I’m sorry, Ralph. Eloping with you to get married is all I’ve  dreamed about since that first night, but Mike Dow says I should  go to this concert in Brewer Saturday night. How about Sunday?”

“So this Dow guy writes this one article and all of a sudden we’re the hottest thing around,  packed houses every night. Everybody in the business wants a piece of us. Oprah, Conan, Ellen, Charlie Rose, Rosie Greer, Hal Greer, Hal Kemp. It’s outrageous. The music’s better, the songs are better. Everything is just better, you know. And the wives are eating it up. If we’d  had half a brain we would have saved a lot of practice and driving to every grange hall in creation for free and just kidnapped Dow until he wrote one of those stories he does. But, like Mike  Dow says “ Better late than Nevah.”

Mike Dow Talks NEVAH on Downtown with Rich Kimball

Mike Dow of the Mike and Mike Show Talks about NEVAH on the radio show 

Once again, we were floored by Mike Dow's second NEVAH plug, this time with radio host Rich Kimball on his Downtown with Rich Kimball program January 18, 2012.

Mike, we can't thank you enough and Rich, thank you too for having Mike on your program.

For those of you who were not able to catch the show you can follow the "January 18th" link to listen to the broadcast. We are in the archive section right under Livingston Taylor's interview.

Mike and Mike 
(Mike Dow is on the Right)

Rich Kimball

Mike Dow Talks NEVAH in the Maine Edge

When Mike Dow of the Mike and Mike Show from Kiss 94.5 FM proposed an article about NEVAH for the Maine Edge we were thoroughly delighted. When we saw what he had written we were blown away …

Below you will find the on-line article page as it appeared, followed by the full article.
(you can also visit the Maine Edge directly at:


The Men of NEVAH

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nevah in Concert Saturday Jan 21, 2012

Hey everyone … just a quick reminder

                 (the  last  one  prior  to  the  show,  I  promise)

presents a 
"cabin fevah relievah concert"
(with a lot of surprises a-waitin' the audience)
at the Next Generation Theatre
Brewer, Maine
this Saturday - January 21, 2012
(yes, we know, we know, it's this Saturday)



call: 989-7100 for tickets or contact NEVAH directly


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Maine Edge Press Release

Nevah - A seriously fun band

By Mike Dow
edge contributor

On Saturday, Jan. 21, you're invited into the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the Next Generation Theatre in Brewer for what is being billed as a "cabin fevah relievah" with the merry band of musical pranksters known as Nevah. They are serious musicians who deliver serious amounts of fun at every show.
I recently met with the group before a band rehearsal at the home of Hal Meyers who contributes banjo, vocals, web duties and occasional "conjuring." Meyers has spent most of his life working as a professional magician and inventor. These days, much of his inventive magic takes place onstage with the other members of Nevah.
According to Ed Russell, (saxophone, flute and vocals) Nevah came together through a shared love of music. "Our wives were friends and that's ultimately how the band started," Russell told me. Bass player Phil Pitula adds, "At the beginning, we were called "Never2Late" and we had fun playing at parties and in each other's homes. As time went on, we decided to take it a little more seriously and that's when we became "Nevah."
The music they play is as diverse as the band's individual real-life occupations. The group consists of three lawyers (one of them retired), a town manager, a university scientist, a medical doctor, an auto body shop owner and a graphic designer. Nevah's lineup includes Russell, Pitula and Meyers in addition to Larry LeBlanc on guitar, Richard Silver on mandolin, Jack Anderson on pedal steel and dobro, Dick Knipping on drums and Eric Brown on the congas.
Silver says that Nevah has learned the art of listening to each other. "It's all about leaving space between the notes," he says. "The more people you have playing, the harder it is to find that space. It's easy to listen to yourself when you play. The trick is to listen to those you're playing with." LeBlanc says the band's "less is more" approach has been valuable in terms of the band's overall impact. "With eight people in the group, that 'wall of sound' thing is very real," he told me. "To make a banjo stand out at a particular moment in a song, everyone pulls back to let it shine."
As Nevah was describing how they interact musically, it occurred to me that they were doing the same thing on a verbal level. During our conversation, each member of the band took turns contributing. When one of them spoke, the others were quiet (unless they were laughing) and if they had something to contribute, they waited their turn.
I took in a Nevah show at an American Heart Association benefit in October 2010 and became an immediate fan of their musicianship, humor and unpredictability. "Most people are surprised by the diversity of music," Hal Meyers said. "We hit just about every era you can imagine. There's something for everybody." Drummer Dick Knipping added, "That's why we call it 'Prograssabilly' (laughter from the band) ... "Bluegrass, rockabilly, country, swing, jazz, rock and roll, we mix it up." LeBlanc says all of the band grew up in the era of great early rock and roll - a genre he still loves. "When the guitar heroes started dying off, I then developed a love for bluegrass," he told me. "Richard brings in an eastern European flavor with his background and family traditions. We play a couple of those gypsy-sounding things." Mandolin player Silver agrees. "I never met a minor key I didn't like," he said, smiling. Each member brings their influences to the band while joining forces to create something new and uniquely "Nevah."
Hal Meyers is thrilled by the energy and willingness of his band mates to try anything. "That's the great thing about this band!",he said excitedly. "It doesn't matter what start playing any song and everyone jumps in and starts playing. It could be 10, 20, 30 years old or more. Nobody says 'I don't want to do that.' We just do it and it's so much fun. It's a big sound. Everybody brings something very special to the group and it's very exciting to be hanging and playing with guys like this," he says.
Fans of intricate vocal harmony, Nevah spends a lot of time perfecting those harmonies for the stage. Phil Pitula says the audience is often taken by surprise. "On some of our songs, we have five-part harmony. We do some cover songs, but we don't do them anything like the original and that's the fun part. We do covers that are a little out of the ordinary and people are shocked when we get into it. You see the recognition on their faces - "Oh yeah! THAT song!" (laughs) The band has even been working on an a cappella tune and may perform it Saturday evening. Ed Russell quipped, "People will say, 'We were really surprised. We didn't expect you guys to be that good. Plus you're old'" (laughter from the band)
Soon, Nevah will enter the recording studio to lay down tracks for their first album of original material. In the meantime, treat yourself to a truly special evening of music this Saturday, Jan. 21 beginning at 7:30 at Next Generation Theatre in Brewer.
The Next Generation Theatre is located on 39 Center St. in Brewer in the back of the Between Friends Art Center Building. Tickets are $10 and available by calling 989-7100. Visit Nevah online at
Mike Dow is heard each morning as part of The Mike and Mike Show on Kiss 94.5. Catch up with him at and

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


presents a 
"cabin fevah relievah concert"
Next Generation Theatre
Brewer, Maine
Saturday - January 21, 2012



call: 989-7100 for tickets or contact NEVAH directly -